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discussion than having heads of state or people from Hollywood and things of that kind. Rose is doing, in my book, a very, very good job. There's room for both of them. Whether this will ever supplant television or radio, I don't know. Do you spend much time with the computer?


Moderate. For research purposes I enjoy--


But you're not using it for Internet or--


I do, occasionally, for research purposes. I use Meadnet, the paper service to pick up stories. For example, for today I picked up most--though I'd read many of them, I picked up most of the stories on the Fox purchase of CBS. I do it for those kinds of purposes. I'm not a big user; I don't have time. If I had time--that's exactly the issue we were talking about--I would be a devotee, because I'm fascinated by the intricacies, in and out.

I don't have the time it takes in the day even to necessarily check my e-mail every day--which is now coming from all over the world. I mean, there are fabulous benefits, but you're right-- a person only has so many hours a day.

I also wonder if that kind of technology, no matter how interactive it becomes in technological terms, will ever replace what we can see in a conversation with a really fine interviewer like Charlayne Hunter-Gault or Charlie Rose. I think we may need to see that interaction between two people to be able to receive the information the way we should.


Since my eyes have gotten out of alignment and I've had this problem of seeing

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