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They had them but I was a smart ass and didn't look at them. I thought if it was going north, it went to Columbia, to Morningside Heights. So I then came back to the Times Square area and I learned a lot on that trip. And I got up to Columbia and I went to the Engineering Department and wanted to talk to somebody who knew about the electronics of the radio waves. And I got pushed from pillar to post because in first place that wasn't an area that they were particularly interested in. But I did find some stuff in the library that helped me. And I learned a lot about signal propagation and power and frequency. And came back and wrote a two-page memo to Kesten summarizing what I thought the report said. And saying that the survey part of it was just utter nonsense. They didn't use the right technique, they didn't ask the right questions. If you really want to know what goes on, you get on your bicycle and go out and talk to people and find out what they do and not ask them to fill out a postcard. Because the people who reply aren't necessarily a cross-section of people who don't reply.

This all made sense to Kesten. He didn't even bother to write me a memo or something. He asked to see me. He picked up a phone and said, “How much would it cost to do what you're talking about?”

I gulped and said, “Oh, maybe $110 or $125.”

He said, “Spend a hundred dollars.”


Now, I assume this was more favorable to NBC since it focused on clear channels?

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