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CBS was interested in circulation per se, not as interested as I had hoped when I joined the company in some of the refinements in research. Hadley had no money in his department at Columbia, and certainly I had no independent source of funds. And it was he who said, “Let's get the Rockefeller Foundation to do a grant.” Between us, we prepared a grant that we submitted to the Rockefeller Foundation. I think, perhaps, I did more of the work on it, certainly I typed it, but I used Had's letterhead, because he had an academic connection and I had none.


What was the title of the proposal, or do you recall? Could you tell me a little bit about exactly what the proposal was, the grant proposal?


We talked about the importance of radio. I don't have a copy of it and it's one of the things that I tried to get out of the archives at the Rockefeller Foundation. Later in my life I, along with [J.] George Harrar and a few others, put together the archives for the Rockefeller Foundation up at the family estate, the Rockefeller Family estate. And when I was there in that connection, I asked the archivist if they could find the original proposal. They were unable to find it. They found the record of the grant but not a copy of the proposal. It was a very -- as I look back on it now -- superficial proposal in the sense that we recounted the increasing impact of radio, and the need for finding out more about its place in society, if you will; and suggested that to find out more about it we needed better techniques and, therefore, a little grant of help in developing methodology would be desirable. And as I say I guess I wrote most of it. Hadley certainly edited it, provided the stationery. And I think, as I recall, I spent Christmas holiday weekend typing it, and Hadley signed it and sent it to the foundation. I think I signed it but I'm not sure. If there's any question about why I didn't sign it was that we felt that the grant was to be to Cantril and not to me because we didn't

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