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perhaps some ideas. And we edited a couple of books in radio research, later expanded it to include communications research.

As I look back on it, I missed an opportunity, in a sense, because I should have spent more time with Paul on the things we were doing, but my life was so full of day-to-day CBS activities that I didn't have much time to give to the relationship, except on Sundays. And Sundays, for many weeks, I would go over to Paul's apartment alone, because Ruth wouldn't go with me, and I think was not happy that I did go. But Paul and I would sort of share the week's experiences and all the problems that he had and all the problems that I had. And we'd dream about: wouldn't it be good to do this and do that? I can't tell you what they were now but at any rate it was that kind of a personal professional relationship.

I wasn't in the Bureau itself on Amsterdam Avenue very frequently. It was out of the way for me, opposite side of the city, and it was such a helter skelter place that I guess it wasn't very attractive to me.

Paul had gotten a divorce I guess before he came to the States and was married to Herta, and Herta and my wife were good friends. I think Ruth liked her but tolerated Paul. And there was a third -- a sister of Herta's by the name of Gretchen, who was a wonderful woman. I think Herta and Gretchen were both German. I don't think they were Viennese, I'm not sure.

We went merrily on our way doing one thing and another and, of course, about this time the war broke out, and I got involved in research for the government, for OWI, and the Office of Facts of Figures, and for the Navy. I believe I brought Paul into the picture, although by this

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