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There was one head of the news division who used to say, “I've got three news departments. I've got a television news department, a radio news department, and Ed Murrow.”


What were some of the problems, specifically -- around specific broadcasts, do you mean?


Well, we had problems on policy. We had problems on availability of manpower. We had that even with the evening news. The feeling is that the evening news is the most important daily broadcast of news on a television network, and if a story comes in the afternoon, it's held for the evening news because that's the showcase for the news. Ed had the same idea sometimes about “See It Now” -- that if he got a story it had to be in “See It Now” and not shared with the network.

Those were little problems. They weren't major problems but they were things that made for a little sticky management from time to time.

Ed wanted to shoot -- and [Fred W.] Friendly more than Ed; Friendly was his partner, but Friendly was basically, at that time, a producer and Ed was obviously the star --


This is when he returned to broadcast?




He had a short lived career as Vice President of the News.

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