Welcome to the Metacognition and Memory Lab at Columbia University  

Below is a sample of experiments run in previous years. These may not be representative of the research and paradigms currently being used in the lab.


In the space pilot task, participants pilot their box-shaped battle cruiser through the deep black fathoms of space trying to catch the "x" shaped power-ups and avoiding the "o" shaped space mines under different deep space conditions.


Are you a memory master? In this game, participants will do their best to remember pairs of words and then tested on them. It's like the excitement of studying and the fun of test-taking all rolled into one!


Greetings young dragon! In this experiment, participants undertake learning challenges given to them by the great wizard, Merlin of Trogdor. Successfully completing the challenges will earn them mounds of treasure, which allows participants to advance through the many stages of dragondom.

This experiment is available only to children in the Barnard after school program.


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