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Metacognition refers to knowledge about our own thoughts and feelings, as well as the cognitive regulation involved in directing a set of activities that will help control learning. Our lab focuses on how people use their metacognition to improve self-awareness and to guide their own learning.

The experiments conducted in the lab are computer-based cognition, memory, learning, or agency tests designed to empirically study people's abilities to make judgments of their own learning; focusing on a theoretical perspective that proposes people are capable of honing in on their own 'Region of Proximal Learning'.

If you wish to participate in one of our experiments or have any other inquiries, please send us an email.


April 2014: Barbie's Defense

Congrats to Dr. Barbie Huelser for a successful and great doctoral defense and for graduating! We'll miss her and wish her the best!

May 2014: End of year lab outing to the palisades

Top (from left to right): Judy Xu, Zach Bucknoff
Bottom: Kittiya Arisarachai, Kelsey McLeod, Janet Metcalfe, Barbie Huelser, Mark Rhodes, Matti Vuorre Missing: Erica Baruch, Lyla Parvez, Anna Fishel

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