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W2220x Cognition: Memory & Stress

Metacognition refers to knowledge about our own thoughts and feelings, as well as the cognitive regulation involved in directing a set of activities that will help control learning. Our lab focuses on how people use their metacognition to improve self-awareness and to guide their own learning and behavior.

The experiments conducted in the lab are computer-based cognition, memory, learning, or agency tests designed to empirically study people's abilities to make judgments of their own cognition. One focus of the lab is on exploring a theoretical perspective that proposes people are capable of honing in on their own 'Region of Proximal Learning', and the other is on the metacognition of agency and feelings of control.

If you wish to participate in one of our experiments or have any other inquiries, please send us an email.


December 2014: First Year Talks

A round of applause to Zach Bucknoff for doing a great first year talk: When Do We Like Feeling in Control? Effects of Proximal and Distal Agency Cues on Task Preference!
The proposed experiment with a modified version of the space pilot task exploring how proximal and distal cues differentially affect our choice preferences was really cool.

November 2014: Psychonomics 2014, Long Beach, California

There were some amazing speakers and sessions at this year's conference. It was also great meeting some of the big names in the field and having the opportunity to reconnect with former lab members: Nate Kornell, Lisa Son, Brigid Finn, and Bennett Schwartz.

Most importantly, we had a few spoken and poster presentations from our lab, including:

  Metcalfe, J. (2014, November). Hyper'correction' of already correct knowledge. Oral presentation.
  Xu, J. & Metcalfe, M. (2014, November). Mind wandering in and out of the Region of Proximal Learning. Poster.
  Vuorre, M. & Metcalfe, M. (2014, November). Voluntary action and time perception. Poster.

September 2014: Metacognition Mini-Conference

It was great meeting Dr. Elisabeth Norman and her collegues at the Decision, Intuition, Consciousness and Emotion (DICE) and Digital Learning Communities (DLC) research groups from the University of Bergen! For anyone who missed it, it was a fantastic experience hearing from them speak on their research about metacognition, memory, and fringe consciousness!

The list of talks and speakers included:

Dr. Lisa Son, Barnard College
Metacognitive bets improve intentions to study.

Dr. Elisabeth Norman, University of Bergen
Metacognitive rule awareness and strategic control in implicit learning.

Dr. Janet Metcalfe, Columbia University
Knowing that the self is the self.

Dr. Bjarte Furnes, University of Bergen
Metacognition and Dyslexia: Comparing three facets of metacognition in normal readers and readers with dyslexia.

Judy Xu, Columbia University
Using the Region of Proximal Learning to reduce Mind Wandering.

Řystein Skaar, University of Oslo
Insight and Attitudes: Aha-experiences and interest in mathematics education.

Matti Vuorre, Columbia University
Action, Agency and Time.

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