Metacognition & Memory Lab Members  



Janet Metcalfe

Current research centers on how people know what they know, that is, their metacognitive abilities, and whether they use this evolutionarily unique ability efficaciously--for effective self-control. We have been studying people's abilities to make judgments of their own learning, focusing on a theoretical perspective that proposes that they are able to hone in on their own Region of Proximal Learning--items on which further study yield maximum learning payoffs. Recent theoretical efforts have been directed at clearly specifying the heuristics underlying how people isolate this region. Thus, we investigate what it is that people choose to study. However, it is also necessary to investigate whether what they choose to study is advantageous or not. Of course, the limitations in human metacognitive judgments figure large in this research program. (Curriculum Vitae)




Matti Vuorre, Post Doctoral Research Scientist

I study how people monitor and control their thoughts, memories and actions, and the role of consciousness in these higher-order operations.




Zach Bucknoff, 5th Year PhD Student

The subjective experience of agency is a defining feature of the human condition. By and large, humans possess a sense that we are the authors of our own actions and have the ability to effect change within ourselves and in the world. I'm interested in how that experience affects behavior. Specifically, my research focuses on the motivational and cognitive consequences of experiences of agency. I'm currently investigating how agency influences memory for moral behavior and sensitivity to moral violations.



Ryan Saloma

B.A., Neuroscience, Columbia University
Lab member since Fall 2019



Anna Christou

Biology Major
Psychology Minor
Columbia University, Class of 2021
Lab member since Spring 2019


Carolina Lacs

Psychology Major
Columbia University, Class of 2021
Lab member since Fall 2018


Heidi Park

Psychology Major
Minor in Ethnicity & Race with Asian American Studies focus
Columbia University, Class of 2019
Lab member since Fall 2018


Eileen Wong

Psychology Major, Dual BA Program
Sciences Po and Columbia University, Class of 2020
Lab member since Fall 2018

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