Ordinary people and daily life-- drawings, paintings, engravings

James Forbes made a series of drawings in the 1760's and 1770's that were later published in his "Oriental Memoirs" in 1812

*Francis Balthazar Solvyns* (1760-1824), who lived in Calcutta from 1791 to 1803, left a remarkable series of etchings that illustrate Bengali life
A search for "daniell india" will yield 348 results by the two Daniells, some from as early as the late 1780's
"Peons of Mysore," by Henry Salt, c.1809, and other early scenes
Some etchings by Edward Orme from "The European in India," 1813
Some of the sights of India, by Friedrich and Carl Bertuch, 1801-15
A search for "seeta ram" will yield dozens of lively watercolors from c.1814-15
From a series of drawings of Indians by Giulio Ferrario, c.1816
Frederic Shoberl depicted some of the people and deities of the south, in the 1820's: a large and fascinating set of hand-colored engravings
Drawings along the Ganges and the Jumna, by C. R. Forrest, 1824
Mme Sophie Charlotte Belnos, born in Bengal and married to a French lithographer, depicts life in Bengal in the 1830's; she also illustrates a wide variety of Brahminical religious rituals
And who was this haunting "Indian gentleman," painted in 1841?
Examples from a series of drawings made in India and around Asia, published by Auguste Wahlen, c.1843-44
"Akalis" and other images, by Emily Eden, 1844
Several lithographs by John Luard, c.1840s
Engravings from Fanny Parkes's work, c.1850's
A series of drawings of British and Indian life in "Our Station," by George Franklin Atkinson, c.1856
A series of chromolithographs by William Simpson, 1867; do a search for "william simpson chromolithographs" to find the lot (about 48)
Many views of British and Indian daily life, in wood engravings from the "Illustrated London News" (and "The Graphic")
Views of different tribal groups, from Dalton's "Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal," 1872
A vivid and elegant series of drawings of Indian costumes and activities, with detailed discussions, from Racinet (1876 and 1888 eds.)
George Moerlein visited India in 1874, and published his paintings in chromolithograph form in 1886
A series of French color lithographs of Indian costumes by Guerinet, 1888
"Lloyd's Sketches of Indian Life," 1890
Tribal people, as depicted by painters and engravers
A few drawings of unknown provenance

A nice set of drawings of which I hope to discover the source
A man selling firewood; the kind of painting that haunts you
Meanwhile, people continued to tell their own stories in their own traditional ways.

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