Bibliography for the History of Medieval Catalonia

compiled by
Paul Freedman and Adam J. Kosto

First Posted:  June 2001
Last Update: June 2001



I. Sources

A. Documents
1. Editions
2. Regesta, Inventories, Itinieraries, and Handlists
B. Law
1. Codes, Customs, and Compilations
2. Collections of Privileges
3. Other Constitutional Documents
C. Narrative and other non-archival sources
II. Guides to Archives

III. Series

A. Journals
B. Congresses
C. Monographic Series
IV. Quick Reference
A. General
B. Places
C. People
D. Language Dictionaries
E. Bibliographies
V. Festschriften and Collected Studies

VI. Symposia (cf. III.B. Recurring Congresses)

Paul Freedman
Department of History
Yale University
New Haven, CT 06520 USA
Adam J. Kosto
Department of History
Columbia University
New York, NY 10027 USA