Advanced Web Design Studio

COMS 6998 · Fall 2018

1. Master front-end and back-end technologies for making interactive websites.
2. Discover specific user needs by developing a low-level, mechanical model of human behavior.
3. Practice iterative design to meet specific user needs.

  • Katy Gero
    OH: Wed 2:30-3:30, CEPSR 603
  • Savvas Petridis
    OH: TBA, CS OH room
Weekly schedule
  • Lecture
    Friday 2:10–4pm in Mudd 337
    (also known as the Engineering Terrace)

Teaching method
This is a studio style class in the tradition of art and architecture. Students are expected to already know the fundamental techniques. We will practice these techniques as well as give and recieve critique on a weekly basis. Attendance is mandatory. Any absence, excused or otherwise, must be made up

All material from COMS 4170 is a mandatory prerequisite for this class including: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScipt, critique, and iterative design. This material will not be covered; this course will exercise and hone the skills learned in that class. Students interesting in learning web programming and design should take COMS 4170.

In-class participation: 20%
Attendance is mandatory. Any absence, excused or otherwise, must be made up convenience of the staff. It is the students job to coordinate make up sessions within 6 days of the absence. To make up a class, find a staff member at least one other classmate and schedule a time to do a design review of your past week's progress. Give and recieved feedback from your peers.

Weekly Turn-ins: 60%
Every week student will turn in a document that described their progress during the week. There are 13 weeks of class and 12 turn-ins. Each turn-in is worth 5% of your final grade.
That document must contain three things:
  • Original Goals
    Establish one high level goal and 7-10 low-level goals that will help you accomplish the high level goal.
  • Lessons learned through iteration
    Report on 3 of the things that you learned that caused you to iterate. Consider the following format: My plan was to ___x____. But I ran into problem ___y____. And I solved it by doing ___z_____.
    Where z = “I added a new subgoal”, “I changed my high level goal”, “I removed a subgoal” Each of the three things should take 1-2 paragraphs to describe. Images are encouraged.
  • Goal Progress
    For each of the goals in part 1. Which items you completed? Show images to document each item (either of the UI or code).

Final Project: 20%
Projects may be individual work, or students may work in pairs of 2. Project assessment is based on individual write ups of your contribution to the project.


Week 1: September 7

Week 2: September 14

Week 3: September 21

Week 4: September 28

Week 5: October 5

Week 6: October 12

Week 7: October 19

Week 8: October 26

Week 9: November 2

Week 10: November 9
Project Updates 1

Week 11: November 16
Project Updates 2

Week 12: November 30
Project Updates 3

Week 13: December 7