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Dynamic Double Auctions: Towards First Best

Online Display Advertising Markets: A Literature Review and Future Directions

Dynamic Revenue Sharing

Multi-agent Mechanism Design without Money

Learning in Repeated Auctions with Budgets: Regret Minimization and Equilibrium

Budget Management Strategies in Repeated Auctions

Dynamic Mechanisms with Martingale Utilities

Static Routing in Stochastic Scheduling: Performance Guarantees and Asymptotic Optimality

Approximations to Stochastic Dynamic Programs via Information Relaxation Duality

Dynamic Mechanism Design with Budget Constrained Buyers under Limited Commitment

Multi-Stage Intermediation in Online Advertising

Optimal Contracts for Intermediaries in Online Advertising

Repeated Auctions with Budgets in Ad Exchanges: Approximations and Design

Yield Optimization of Display Advertising with Ad Exchange

Bounds on the Welfare Loss from Moral Hazard with Limited Liability

Revenue Management of Consumer Options for Sporting Events

An Ant Colony Algorithm hybridized with insertion heuristics for the Time Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows