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Turkey at a Glance

Government and Legal System:

    Capital: Ankara
    Government type: Parliamentary democracy with free market economy
    Proclamation of the Republic: 29 October 1923
    Proclamation of the Constitution: 7 November 1982
    Administrative divisions: 79 provinces
    Grand National Assembly with 450 deputies (general elections every 5 years)
    President (7-year term) and
    Council of Ministers, headed by Prime Minister (5-year term).
    Judiciary: Independent, with Constitutional Court supervising conformity of laws to the 1982 Constitution.
    Turkish laws have been derived from various European systems, mainly French, Italian, and Swiss.
    Last elections:
    December 24, 1995
    Right to vote:
    At the age of 18
    Major international organizations: UN, NATO, OECD, CSCE (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe), UN. European, Parliament, EC (associate member), GATT, Black Sea Economic Cooperation, WHO, IMF, ILO, UNESCO, ECOSOC, FAO, IDB (Islamic Development Bank), INTELSAT, INTERPOL.
    Official language:
    Religions: Muslim 98%,
    Orthodox, Gregorian, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and other Christian sects: 2%.
    Currency: Turkish lira
    Flag: Flag: Red with a vertical white crescent (the closed portion is toward the hoist side) and white five-pointed star centered just outside the crescent opening.

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