Nora Griffin

Nora Griffin was born in 1982 in New York City. She received a BA with Honors from Oberlin College in 2005. In Fall 2010 Nora curated the exhibition Fool's House at the LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia University. Painting's relationship to language, childhood, and translation are growing pre-occupations in her studio. Questions arise: How to move quickly within an old medium? How can water survive in a desert culture? In addition to oil painting, she has been working on a series of artist books and object collections. Nora's desert island discs include: Adorno's Minima Moralia, Bob Dylan's Planet Waves and Tarkovsky's Solaris.

Another Country, oil on linen, 46"x36", 2011

Banquet Years/Summer Table, oil on linen (three paintings), 2011

Reading Blanchot in Fire Island, oil on linen, 20"x16", 2011

Night and Day, oil on canvas, 36"x26", 2010

Curator: Larissa Harris

May 1 - May 22, 2011