Francisco Vidal

Francisco Vidal was born in Lisbon to Angolan and Capeverdian parents. He completed his previous education in Portugal. With a European Passport, he considers himself a truly tri-cultural person. Francisco explores issues of boundaries, race and class through a range of media that includes sculpture, painting, photography, and installation art. Due to his exposure to Jazz music in New York City, the notion of afro-futurism, the studies of the music and texts of Sun Ra, and his interest in the historical Brazilian fusion of religion, different geographical (European and African) motifs, signs and traditions, the following questions are the aim of his work: How will the XXI century historians, politicians, anthropologists, geographers or sociologists from America, Africa and Europe adapt the notions and the problems of the black Atlantic? Which echoes and concepts of communication and economical trade between nations will be dominant in the future?

Curator: Larissa Harris

May 1 - May 22, 2011