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Bock, Walter
Professor of Evolutionary BiologyO:(212) 854-4487
Brown, Lewis
Research ScientistO:(212) 854-4470
Bulinski, Chloë
ProfessorO:(212) 854-5570
L:(212) 854-0677
Bussemaker, Harmen
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 854-9932
L:(212) 854-1527
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Chalfie, Martin
William R Kenan Jr. ProfessorO:(212) 854-8870
L:(212) 854-3066
Chasin, Lawrence
William R. Kenan Jr. ProfessorO:(212) 854-4645
L:(212) 854-3965
Crist, Meehan
Writer in ResidenceO:(212) 854-5888
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Dietrich, Lars
Assistant ProfessorO:(212) 854-9575
L:(212) 854-9560
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Fernández, Julio
ProfessorO:(212) 854-9141
L:(212) 854-9474
Firestein, Stuart
ProfessorO:(212) 854-4531
L:(212) 854-4539
Frank, Joachim
ProfessorO:(212) 305-9510
L:(212) 305-9563
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Guido, Ron
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Hazelrigg, Tulle
ProfessorO:(212) 854-3025
L:(212) 854-3026
Hazen, Claire
LecturerO:(212) 854-2123
L:(212) 854-5265
Heicklen, Alice
Senior LecturerO:(212) 854-5952
Hunt, John
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 854-5443
L:(212) 854-5236
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Jia, Songtao
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 854-4468
L:(212) 854-8566
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Kalderon, Daniel
ProfessorO:(212) 854-6469
L:(212) 854-6951
Kelley, Darcy
Harold Weintraub ProfessorO:(212) 854-4939
L:(212) 854-4939
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Manley, James
JC Levi ProfessorO:(212) 854-4647
L:(212) 854-8132
Miller, Elizabeth
Assistant ProfessorO:(212) 854-2264
L:(212) 854-8647
Morrison, Alan
Mowshowitz, Deborah
ProfessorO:(212) 854-4497
Mowshowitz, Solomon
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Pe'er, Dana
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 854-4397
L:(212) 854-7130
Pickrell, Joseph
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 854-5016
Pollack, Robert
Professor of Biological SciencesO:(212) 854-2409
Prives, Carol
Da Costa ProfessorO:(212) 854-2557
L:(212) 854-8142
Prywes, Ron
ProfessorO:(212) 854-8281
L:(212) 854-5942
Przeworski, Molly
ProfessorO:(212) 854-9063
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Sable, David
Sahin, Ozgur
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 851-9285
Sella, Guy
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 854-9062
Sheetz, Michael
William R Kenan Jr. ProfessorO:(212) 854-4857
L:(212) 854-8002
Stockwell, Brent
Associate ProfessorO:(212) 854-2948
L:(212) 854-2899
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Tong, Liang
Professor, Department ChairO:(212) 854-5203
L:(212) 854-5221
Tzagoloff, Alexander
Alan H Kempner ProfessorO:(212) 854-2919
L:(212) 854-2920
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Yang, Jian
ProfessorO:(212) 854-6161
L:(212) 854-8753
Yuste, Rafael
ProfessorO:(212) 854-2354
L:(212) 854-5023
    Yamasaki, Lili  
    Lecturer Lili Lili O:(212) 854-4042 Lili Lili  
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