Columbia SPPO


Visiting Scholars

All Visiting Scholar applications will be evaluated by a committee of full-time professors from the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures. Applicants will only be invited to conduct research at Columbia while the department’s fall and spring academic terms are in session, although they may certainly extend their stays beyond the end of a semester. The committee will make a recommendation based on the applicant’s CV and other materials.

All Visiting Scholar requests should include:


1.  A CV and a cover letter addressed to Prof. Jesús Rodríguez-Velasco, Chair

2.  A statement detailing the research project to be pursued at Columbia University

3.  A recent article or writing sample

Application materials should be submitted electronically to the Academic Administrator, Eunice Rodríguez Ferguson, or to the Chair of the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures, Prof. Jesús Rodríguez-Velasco.