Columbia SPPO

Tutors and Translators

The department maintains a list of instructors who are available for tutoring or translating services. You must contact the instructor and negotiate hours, frequency of meetings, and remuneration with him or her. Tutors are not allowed to instruct students in their own courses.

Jannette Amaral

Elise Arnold-Levene

Carolina Baffi - translations only

Mauricio Castillo

Heather Cleary-Wolfgang

Agnese Codebo

Paloma Duong

Jessica Dzaman

Anne Freeland

Jessica Gordon-Burroughs

Guido Herzovich

Nicole Hughes

Valerie Keller

Deneb Kozikoski

Jane Losaw

Ana Méndez-Oliver

Cristina Pérez Jiménez

Olga Rodríguez

Rachel Stein

Lara Tucker

Óscar Iván Useche

Mariana C. Velázquez