Columbia SPPO

Transfer of Credit

In order to evaluate requests for transfer of credit, the LAIC Department requires that the student:

Take the Placement Exam in person. The student must make an appointment to come to the main office in Casa Hispánica to take it.

Once the level is determined, credit will be generally awarded by the College only for courses that have contact hours and workload scales equivalent to Columbia University courses (semester and summer sessions). In order to obtain this credit, the student will provide the Language Program Co-Directors with the following materials:

  • a course description from a catalogue or website
  • the syllabus followed in the course
  • a list of assigned readings and texts used
  • corrected and graded tests, papers, and any other materials used to evaluate the student's work.

Contact the Director of the level for which you are trying to get credit in order to provide the materials:
  • If you wish to continue taking language courses at Columbia, you should register for the course above the level for which you received credit. For example, if you received credit for Spanish 1201, you should register for Spanish 1202.