Columbia University AIDS Memorial

Columbians Who Have Died of AIDS

The names below have been identified in obituaries, articles and by friends as Columbians who have died of AIDS.  The list surely reflects only a tiny percentage of Columbians overall who have died from the epidemic, which itself only a tiny percentage of those worldwide who have died of AIDS.

This list was originally compiled as part of the 1994 CU Libraries exhibition Stonewall & Beyond. If you have first-hand knowledge of others who should be included, please contact Columbia University Archives.. Make sure to supply full name; Columbia affiliation, degrees, etc.; year of death; and any obituaries or remembrances.


 2015:  130 names

 2011:  127 names

 2001:  122 names 

 1998:  121 names

 1994:   54 names


Abreu, Danny William (1995) Instructor, Theater Management Program
Almeida, Felisberto (Beto) Library Staff
Amili, Adimu Alumnus, Law School
Anderson, Larz F., 2nd (1992) Alumnus, Business
Anderson, Olin Staff, Law Library
Aromando, Anthony R. (1994) M.A., Social Work
Austin, David Craig Alumnus, School of the Arts
Baker, Gary (1989) Alumnus, Columbia College, '84
Barber, Charles Andrew School of the Arts
Barnett, Allen O. Alumnus, School of the Arts
Beddow, Reid (1992) Alumnus
Belmonte, Thomas (1995) PhD & Instructor, Anthropology
Bennett, Richard Faculty, Speech Program
Berger, Ira Alumnus
Bittern, Arwin (aka Andrew) (1995) Alumnus
Boyd, Brian Alumnus, Law School
Brookner, Howard (1989) Alumnus, CC
Brown, Charles (1992) Master's, exercise physiology and counseling
Brown, Jacob (1993) Former Ass't Dean, Student Affairs, GS
Brown, Jay (1994) Faculty, Dept. of Medicine
Bucholtz, Jeffrey (1990) Alumnus, Architecture
Burton, Scott (1939-1989) Alumnus,
Carples, Jeffrey L. (1994) former V.P., CU Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
Cassidy, Tom (1991) Alumnus, Journalism
Chenitz-Manley, Carole (1992) Alumna, School of Nursing
Cohen, Daniel H. (1995) Former Dir., Photography Program, Sch. of Journalism
Cohen, David H. (1992) Alumnus, GSAS
Cohn, Roy Alumnus, CC and Law
Contini, Alan Student, GS
Cooney, Neil Former admissions counselor, GSAS
Coste, Jean-Roland Alumnus, Law School, '81
Cox, John Union Theological Seminary Library
Cumpiano, Hiram Staff, Administrative Information Services
Dawson, Kenneth L. (1992) Graduate, Inst. of Non-Profit Mgmt.
De Rugeriis, Joseph (1996) Alumnus
Del Ponte, Joseph (1995) Graduate, School of Journalism
DeSipio, George, Jr. (1993) Alumnus
Diaz Alejandro, Carlos (1985) Professor, Economics
Douglas, Paul (1995) Alumnus, Computer Science Dept. Co-Founder, CU Gay Health Advocacy Proj.
Dixon, Melvin Former instructor, English Dept.
Donaldson, Stephen "Donnie" (1996) Alumnus, Founder, CU Student Homophile League
Dunn, James (1991) Financial Administrator, Writing Project, TC
Failla, Richard (1993) Alumnus, Law School
Fedornock, Frank (1992) School of Social Work   (mention in Times, 12/21/95)
Ferri, Roger Faculty, School of Architecture
Fortuin, Thomas M. (1993) Alumnus, Law School
Fox, John Alumnus, School of the Arts
Friedman, Lewis M. (1992) Alumnus, CC
Garcia, Stuart (1986) Alumnus, CC '84
Gardner, James Asst. Dean, GSAS
Gewirtz, George (1994) Alumnus, CC, P&S; Faculty NYSPI
Gingell, Barry (1989) Former student
Gottesman, Edward H. (1992) Alumnus, CC
Greenspan, Stuart (1990) Alumnus, CC
Hall, Shelton Staff, Bursar's Office
Halpern, Kenneth S., (1996) Former Instructor, Urban Design
Hawkeswood, William Alumnus, GSAS
Hill, Christopher Law School
Israel, Franklin D. (1996) Alumnus, School of Architecture
Johnson, Ross Columbia College
Kadet, Sandford Former instructor, English Dept.
King, Dan (1995) Director of Development, Libraries
Kish, Tony Development Officer, Law School
Kwalick, Barry Alumnus, GSAS
La Giglia, Anthony (1996) Staff, Administrative Information Services
Langdon, Bruce Library staff
Lerblace, Penn Alumnus, Law School, '79
Licata, Sal Teacher's College
Lida, Mark Former staff, Amer. Language Program
Lieberson, Jonathan (1989) Ph.D., Philosophy
List, Theo Neurologist, Columbia-Presbyterian
Manford, Morty (1992) Founder Gay People at CU
Martin, John L. (1992) Professor, Health Sciences
Mashburn, Robert J. (1995) Ph.D., Education
Massa, Robert (1994) M.A., English
Mayerson, Robert Graduate student, SG
McAliley, Robert Student, School of the Arts
McGarry, Shawn (1994) Student, School of Social Work
McGinty, Timothy Edwin (1993) Alumnus, Law '87
Mederos, Peter Graduate School of Architecture
Medoff, Peter (1994) B.A.; Masters, Urban Planning (1982)
Mitchell, Michael Union Theological Seminary
Monroe, Ronald B. (1990) Former student
Nadelson, Andrew (1993) Ph.D., School of Music
Neumeier, Charles (1985) Alumnus, GSAS
Norton, Joseph (1986) Alumnus, CC, 1984
O'Brien, Kevin School of Engineering
Olanoff, Gerald B. (1995) Graduate, School of Architecture
Oppenheim, Philip Staff, UDAR
Patterson, George Associate Director, Bursar's Office
Peduto, Stephen A. (1992) Former student
Perkins, Anthony Former student, GS
Peters, Eddie Alumnus, CC, 1981
Post, Rick Former student, GS
Preston, Erwin Former instructor, Amer. Language Program
Ramos, Robert Student, School of the Arts
Rango, Nicholas (1993) Ph.D., Sociology; Former faculty, Barnard
Ratliff, Neil M. (1994) M.S., Sch. of Library Service
Revson, James (1991) Alumnus, Journalism
Richardson, David Student, School of the Arts
Riley, Dennis (1999) Former Assistant Professor, Music Dept.
Rinaldo, Tony Staff, University Printing Services
Rozeli, Ron Alumnus, GS
Ryan, Michael School of the Arts
Sachner, Paul M. (1992) Alumnus, School of Architecture
Santomasso, Eugene Alumnus, GSAS, GSAP
Schaeffer, Martin M. (1996) M.A.,School of the Arts
Schmalz, Jeffrey (1993) Alumnus, CC
Schultz, Gene (1994) Alumnus, Law School, '68
Schutz, Prescott (1990) Alumnus, CC
Sircello, Guy (1993) Alumnus
Smith, Mark A. (1993) Alumnus
Starr, Richard Alumnus, Business School
Steinke, William (1988) Former Library staff; alumnus, SLS
Stonehouse, Joseph SIPA
Stuart, Otis (1995) M.A., English Lit.
Sykes, Curtis (1994) Alumnus, Law '88
Sullivan, Victor Thomas, Jr (1984) Alumnus, CC, '71
Thim, Dennis (1992) Alumnus, CC, '81
Thompson, David R. Former Library staff; alumnus, SLS
Towlen, Gary (1988) Alumnus, CC, '63
Tyus, Victor Alumnus, Law School
Van Ryzin, John (1987) Professor, Dept. of Statistics
Venet, Steven Dept. Administrator, Earl Hall Center
Ward, Matthew Alumnus
White, Robin Staff, GSAS
Whitington, G. Luther Graduate, Harriman Institute/SIA
Widdowfield, Joseph Alumnus, CC; former Library staff
Wiley, Mason (1994) Alumnus
Wilson, William (1999) Graduate School of Journalism
Wright, Jason Alumnus, SLS

Key to abbreviations:
CC = Columbia College
GSAS = Gradual School of Arts and Sciences
GS = General Studies
SLS = School of Library Service
GSAP = Graduate School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

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