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Diego Renato Azurdia

Graduate Student

Diego, a native from Guatemala, completed his BA in Comparative Literature with emphasis on Continental Philosophy at Stanford University where he also completed two years of the Electrical Engineering program. He has published academic essays and interviews in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Israel and Colombia. Reader of Faulkner, Pynchon, Rulfo, Asturias, Conrad, Neruda, Benjamin and Heidegger, his approach to literature has always been comparative and philosophical in nature. Specifically, he is interested in the intersection of poetry, history and oriental thought through the exploration of silence as a literary category. In his noblest of hours he constructs a novel which he is unwilling to publish yet. In his most honest of hours he plays with his Schnauzer Bruno and suffers through every single FC Barcelona match. Diego is also a student at Columbia´s Institute for Comparative Literature and Society.
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