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Sarah Goldberg

Graduate Student

Sarah Goldberg holds a BA in Romance Languages from the University of Maryland, College Park and a MA and MPhil in Latin American and Iberian Cultures from Columbia University. She is currently writing her dissertation, "Entertaining Culture: The Rise of Mass Culture and Consumer Society in Argentina," which has given her a close familiarity with the many forms of crumbliness old newsprint can attain, as well as a lesser knowledge of early twentieth-century Argentine literary and theatrical celebrity, amusement park attractions, variety shows, and mass-circulation periodicals of varying degrees of sensationalism.

When she is not writing or teaching (the course she designed on Latin American science fiction was a particular favorite), Sarah works as a freelance assistant at a literary agency that specializes in children's and genre fiction and is an Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies.

Her research interests include the history of fame, entertainment and consumer society in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Argentina and the United States, and fandom. She is always game for a good read on the history of science and may often be found talking romance novels, young adult fiction, and music on Twitter.
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