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Almudena Marin-Cobos

Graduate Student

B.A. with honors in Spanish Language and Literature (2008), Universidad de Córdoba (Spain). M.A. in Spanish Literature (2011), Universidad de Córdoba (Spain).

She has been studying and researching at universities in Europe and in the United States, such as Royal Holloway (2005-2006) and Queen Mary (2010) in London, as well as Fordham University (2012) in New York. She has also taken part in external research grants dealing with Spanish poetry during the second half of 17th century under the leadership of Prof. Pedro Ruiz Pérez (Universidad de Córdoba). As a result of these grants, she has spoken in many conference presentations and published articles in refereed journals pertaining to Early Modern Spanish Poetry, i.e. Anuario Lope de Vega, Bulletin Hispanique or Versants. She is avid a contributor to the online digital database PHEBO, an ongoing project directed by Prof. Ruiz Pérez.

She is interested in studying how authors develop through their own work (notion of authorship) and how they position themselves in the cultural field they belong to.
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