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Rachel Stein

Graduate Student

Rachel holds an M.A. in Spanish from Middlebury College and a B.A. from Wesleyan University in the College of Letters, an interdisciplinary program in literature, history and philosophy. She lived in Madrid, Spain for five years, where she worked as a writer, editor and translator. Her published work includes translations for the forthcoming Chile Reader (Duke University Press), Collected Writings on Velázquez by Jonathan Brown (Yale University Press) and Un retrato de Palafox en La Familia de Carlos IV by María Teresa Rodríguez Torres (Fernando Villaverde Ediciones). Rachel is interested in medieval and early modern Iberian cultural productions, with particular attention to the history of the book, representations of writing in literature, early modern Iberian globalization, and the Spanish-Portuguese Union of Crowns (1580-1640). Her dissertation focuses on a Flemish-born printer, Pedro Craesbeeck, who operated in Lisbon from 1597 to 1632 and rose to the status of royal printer of Portugal. Within this printer's body of books, Rachel focuses on imprints relating to global Iberian expansion in both the West and East Indies and written in both Spanish and Portuguese, asking how the Spanish Monarchy's composite, planetary-wide empire was made visible and framed from Craesbeeck's printing house.

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