Columbia SPPO

Angelina Craig-Flórez

Lecturer in Language (Spanish)

Angelina Craig-Flórez holds a Ph. D in Spanish Medieval Literature from Columbia University. During her more than 20 years as a teacher of Spanish as a second language, Craig-Flórez aims to merge her interests in literary and cultural studies with the newest approaches in second language teaching.

She teaches all levels of language courses from Comprehensive Elementary through Advanced. Her Advanced Language in Content Course: “Spain in its Art” is a parallel study of the history of Spain and the history of Spanish art from the Middle Ages to the Twenty-first century.

In her classes Craig-Flórez fosters a welcoming environment where students help each other while continuing to build self-learning strategies enabling them to become independent learners. Her aim is to guide students on a journey of discovery where the learning of Spanish opens the door to an array of fascinating cultures.

She is co-director of Project-TEACH, a foreign language pedagogical development website which is a collaborative project among the Universities of Columbia, Penn, Princeton, and Yale. Project-TEACH was selected by the Consortium of Language Teaching and Learning, as the recipient of a grant sponsored by the Mellon Foundation (2006-2009). 

Dr. Craig-Flórez is currently co-writing a Spanish Intermediate level textbook, which merges two of the most current methodologies in second language teaching.

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