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About me

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University. Before joining Columbia IEOR, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, UC Berkeley, and an assistant adjunct professor at Department of Mathematics, UCLA. I obtained my Ph.D. from Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley. My advisor was Jim Pitman . Before coming to Berkeley, I obtained an engineer diploma (Diplôme d'ingénieur) from Ecole Polytechnique, France.


My research interests are probability theory, machine learning, and financial technology. Some of my current research projects involve reinforcement learning with human feedback including diffusion alignment and direct preference optimization.


[46] Fine-tuning of diffusion models via stochastic control: entropy regularization and beyond .

[45] Score-based diffusion models via stochastic differential equations -- a technical tutorial .
with Hanyang Zhao. Submitted (growing out of the writeup).

[44] Contractive diffusion probabilistic models .
with Hanyang Zhao. Submitted. .

[43] Transaction fee mechanism for Proof-of-Stake protocol .
with David D. Yao. Submitted.

[42] Finite and infinite weighted exchangeable sequences .

[41] Exact Bayesian geostatistics using predictive stacking .
with Lu Zhang and Sudipto Banerjee. Submitted.

[40] The convergence rate of vanishing viscosity approximations for mean field games .
with Yuming Paul Zhang. Submitted.

[39] Policy iteration for the deterministic control problems -- a viscosity approach .
with Hung Vinh Tran and Yuming Paul Zhang. Submitted.

[38] Systemic robustness: a mean-field particle system approach .
with Erhan Bayraktar, Gaoyue Guo and Yuming Paul Zhang. Submitted.

[37] Stability of shares in the Proof of Stake protocol -- concentration and phase transitions .

[36] Learning an arbitrary mixture of two multinomial logits .


[35] Discrete simulated annealing: a convergence analysis via the Eyring--Kramers law .
with Yuhang Wu and Xun Yu Zhou. To appear in Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization .

[34] Polynomial voting rules .
with David D. Yao. To appear in Mathematics of Operations Research.

[33] Trading and wealth evolution in the Proof of Stake protocol .
Proof-of-Stake for Blockchain Networks: Fundamentals, Challenges and Approaches (2024) Chapter 7, 135-161.

[32] Fixed-domain asymptotics under Vecchia's approximation of spatial process likelihoods .
with Lu Zhang and Sudipto Banerjee. To appear in Statistica Sinica.

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Recent talks

Jan, 2024: University of Texas at San Antonio, ECE seminar .
Oct, 2023: Pheonix, INFORMS .
Sept, 2023: Virtual, CityU-NUS Mean Field Game and Control Seminar .
Sept, 2023: University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Statistics seminar .
July, 2023: Lisbon, 43rd Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications .
May, 2023: Carnegie Mellon University, Secure Blockchain Summit .
Mar, 2023: University of Pennsylvania, Penn/Temple Probability Seminar .
Feb, 2023: Columbia University, Applied Mathematics Colloquium .
Nov, 2022: Virtual, Hong Kong-Singapore joint seminar in Financial Mathematics/Engineering .
Nov, 2022: Columbia University, Mathematical Finance seminar .
Oct, 2022: Indianapolis, INFORMS .
July, 2022: SIAM Annual Meeting, Machine Learning in Finance: Theory and Application .
May, 2022: Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation, Workshop: Machine Learning and Mean Field Games .
Feb, 2022: University of Southern California, Mathematical Finance Colloquium .
Nov, 2021: Princeton University, ORFE Financial Mathematics seminar .
Oct, 2021: UCLA, Probability seminar .
July, 2021: Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation, Program: Introduction to Decision Making and Uncertainty .
June, 2021: Paris, Séminaire Bachelier .
May, 2021: University of Mannheim, Probability seminar .
Dec, 2020: Virtual, Workshop on Optimization, Probability, and Simulation.
Oct, 2020: Virtual, INFORMS .
Mar, 2020: University of Michigan, Financial/Actuarial Mathematics Seminar .
Feb, 2020: Cornell University, ORIE Colloqium .
Feb, 2020: Columbia University, IEOR Department Seminar .
Jan, 2020: Baruch College, Mathematics Colloquium .
Jan, 2020: University of Utah, Mathematics Colloqium .
Jan, 2020: Northwestern University, Mathematics Colloqium .
Dec, 2019: University of Cincinnati, Probability Seminar .
Dec, 2019: University of Miami, Mathematics Colloquium .
Nov, 2019: North Carolina State University, Mathematics Colloquium .
Nov, 2019: Riverside, AMS meeting .
Nov, 2019: UCSD, Probability Seminar .
Oct, 2019: University of Washington, Probability Seminar .
Oct, 2019: Seattle, INFORMS .
Sept, 2019: UC Berkeley, Probabilty Seminar .
June, 2019: Los Angeles, ICML Oral .
Feb, 2019: UCLA, Combinatorics Seminar .
Dec, 2018: Los Angeles, Southern California Probability Symposium .
Oct, 2018: San Francisco, AMS meeting .
July, 2018: Stanford, Workshop in memory of Larry Shepp .
Feb, 2018: Stanford University, Probability Seminar .
Feb, 2018: UC Berkeley, IEOR Colloquium .
Dec, 2017: University of Chicago, Probability and Statistical physics seminar .
Nov, 2017: UCLA, Probability Seminar .
Mar, 2017: UCLA, Probability Seminar .
Mar, 2017: UC Berkeley, Probability Seminar .
July, 2016: Edmonton, IMS-FIPS Workshop .
Mar, 2016: Berkeley, Berkeley-Columbia Meeting in Engineering and Statistics .
Feb, 2015: UC Davis, Mathematical Physics and Probability Seminar .
Feb, 2015: UC Berkeley, Probability Seminar .
Oct, 2014: UC Berkeley, Student Probability/PDE Seminar .
July, 2014: Saint-Flour, 44th probability summer school.
June, 2014: San Diego, Combinatorial Stochastic Processes: A conference in celebration of Jim Pitman's 65th birthday .
July, 2013: Saint-Flour, 43rd probability summer school.
Sept, 2013: UC Berkeley, SGSA Student Seminar .


In Fall 2021, I will teach IEOR E4706: Foundations of Financial Engineering.