Homework for IEOR 6711

Homework Policy

Importance: The homework is a critical part of the course. Doing the homework is the way to master the material.

Weekly assignments: Homework will be assigned once a week, usually on Tuesdays. It is due at class a week later.

Collaboration and Assistance: Students are allowed to collaborate with other students on the homework. Indeed it can be a good learning experience to work together with other people. Students may also get help from non-students. However, each student is expected to submit a separate homework.

Grading: Homework will be graded, provided that it is turned in on time.

Solutions: We will provide solutions to all the assigned homework. For selected problems at the end of each chapter, solutions are provided, so they can be consulted while the homework is being done (hopefully, after an independent honest effort has been made). Other homework solutions will be posted on the web page.

Recitation Sections: The optional extra recitation sections set up outside the regular class times also focus primarily on the homework assignments. The TA will go through the homework two days before it is due.

Homework Assignments