Columbia SPPO


Courses in Portuguese
Fall 2014

[Please see the Directory of Classes for the timetable of courses with multiple sections. Readings, assignments, and class discussion in Portuguese unless otherwise noted.]

PORT 1101x
Elementary Portuguese I

4 pts. A beginning course designed for students who wish to start their study of Portuguese and have no proficiency in another Romance language (Students who have said proficiency should take PORT 1320.) The four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing are developed at the basic level.

PORT 1201x
Intermediate Portuguese I
João Nemi Neto
TRF 2:40pm - 3:55pm

4 pts. Prerequisites: PORT W1102, PORT W1320, or Placement Test. This course will focus on strengthening the skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students will review grammar topics up to subjunctive mood. There will also be a strong emphasis on reading of contemporary texts and news articles, as well as understanding and transcribing video clips. This course also focus on improving oral fluency, pronunciation, and written skills. Students will be exposed to various cultural topics related to the Lusophone world, so that they will be able to expand their language knowledge while learning cultural topics.

PORT 1220x
Comprehensive Intermediate Portuguese

4 pts. Prerequisites: PORT W1102, PORT W1320, or Placement Test. This course encompasses two semesters of Intermediate Portuguese (PORT W1201 and PORT W1202) in only one. It is therefore an intensive course in which students will have more homework activities and a heavy load of homework assignments. All verb tenses and moods will be reviewed. PORT W1220 discusses contemporary issues based on articles from Lusophone newspapers and magazines. Students will review grammar, expand their vocabulary and improve oral expression, writing, and reading skills. They are also exposed to audiovisual materials that will deepen their understanding of Lusophone societies and culture.

PORT 1320x
Comprehensive Elementary Portuguese I for Spanish Speakers
José A. Castellanos-Pazos
(multiple sections)

4 pts. Prerequisites: SPAN 1202 or equivalent, or permission from the department. For students unable to dedicate the time needed cover two semesters in one, the regular paced courses (PORT 1101-1102) are preferable. May be taken in place of PORT 1101-1102.An intensive intermediate language course in Portuguese with emphasis on Brazilian culture through multimedia materials related to culture and society in contemporary Brazil. Recommended for students who have studied Spanish or another Romance language. The equivalent of two full semesters in intermediate Portuguese grammar with stress on reading and conversation.

PORT W3101x
Conversations about the Lusophone World
Daniel da Silva
TR 10:00am - 11:25am

3 pts. This conversation class will help students develop their oral proficiency in Portuguese. We will discuss current events, participate in challenging pronunciation exercises, improve understanding of Portuguese idioms, develop conversation strengths, confront weaknesses, and increase fluency in spoken Portuguese.

PORT W3300x
Advanced Language Through Content
Deneb Kozikoski Valereto
MW 10:10am - 11:25am