IEOR 8100, Scheduling Algorithms
Fall 2016

Scheduling Algorithms

Professor Cliff Stein


Scheduling concerns the allocation of limited resources to tasks over time. The resources and tasks may take many forms, ranging from scheduling computational threads on a network of workstations to assigning airline crews to various routes. This class will study algorithms for scheduling problems. We will start with some classic algorithms for simple combinatorial problems, and then move onto some more recent algorithms and different models including scheduling with energy considerations, scheduling and game theory, and scheduling with resource augmentation. In the course of studying scheduling problems, we will have the opportunity to study, in depth, many important algorithmic ideas, such as randomized algorithms, approximation algorithms and linear programming relaxation, and online algorithms. There will be several problem sets and a final paper, project or presentation. The course will mainly meet during the first half of the semester with 2 ~2 hour classes per week. The second half of the semester will be devoted to projects with several meetings towards the end of the semester for presentations.



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