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Get Y2K 'Wit It

Your Millennial Mix Tape

Amy Phillips

So it's December 31st and you're throwing a big, ol' New Year's Eve bash for all your friends and your friends' friends. You reserved the room way back in 1996, stocked up on crepe paper, confetti, party hats and champagne. The caterer arrived at noon, the go-go dancers at six. Everything's ready for the Party of the Century - except the music. Here's a rundown of tunes from various genres sure to keep everybody in a millennial mood all night long.. Or at least up until armageddon hits.

Prince '1999' Get the party started right with this, ubiquitous tribute to the fine year about to end. Everyone, even the nerdy guy nobody invited, will know the words.

Robbie Williams - 'Millennium' Grab your girl and hold her tight, but it don't matter 'cause she'll still be going home with Robbie tonight.

Puff Daddy - 'PE 2000' Go check on the bar during this one. No need to actually listen to it. It's not like Puffy actually writes his own songs or anything.

Atari Teenage Riot - 'Anarchy 999' Clear the floor with this anti-everything digital hardcore freakout from the hardest band around. ATR, a bunch of crazy German techno punks, have truly captured the sound of the Apocalypse.

Cassius - '1999' Keep the booze flowin and the honeys happy with this booty-shakin techno hit. They'll be too busy dancing to notice the riots outside.

X - 'Year One' Moves as fast and packs as much punch as a meteoroid crashing into Manhattan at midnight.

Silverchair - 'Anthem for the Year 2000' Smile and nod as your little brother and his alternafriends headbang to this "anthem". I fear for the future (if there is to even be one after tonight).

Sleater-Kinney - 'Banned From The End Of The World' The best song of the year on the subject, in my humble opinion, will have you pogo-ing with delight. Sleater-Kinney, a trio of hard-rocking post-riot grrls proclaim themselves the Band From The End Of The World.

Will Smith - 'Will 2 K' Welcome to the Willennium. The Fresh Prince at his best since 'Summertime' -and he even samples The Clash. Will Smith for president!

Bad Religion - '21st Century Digital Boy' Everybody's favorite over-educated, under-appreciated punk rock band brings us a sing-a-long crowd pleaser.

Public Enemy - 'Crash' Chuck D. and the crew testify once again, rocking your brain and your groove thang.

REM - "It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" Fuck shit up, go wild in the streets, screw everybody in sight: the end is here! (Oh Michael Stipe, I'll stop the world and melt with you.)

Once the party winds down, kick everybody who isn't too drunk to move out with the Backstreet Boys' Millennium (not that the album itself has anything to do with the actual millennium). Then relax and await the turning of the next thousand years with Tricky's Pre-Millennium Tension, a seductive collection from the master of trip-hop. Unless, of course, time has stopped and we've all entered another dimension.

Happy New Year!

December 1, 1999