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Book 2
Electrical Transmission System Cascades and Vulnerability: An Operations Research Viewpoint, Springer-MOS Series on Optimization,  ISBN 978-1-611974-15-7 (2015).

Book 1
Potential function methods for approximately solving linear programming problems, Theory and Practice, Springer,  ISBN 978-1-4020-7173-7 (2002).

Downloadable reports (please see publication list above for recent papers)

LP formulations for polynomial optimization problems, (with G. Munoz) arxiv:1501.00288. To appear, SIOPT. Winner, 2016 Informs Optimization Student Paper Prize.

A New LP Algorithm for Precedence Constrained Production Scheduling, (with M. Zuckerberg), pdf.

Chance Constrained Optimal Power Flow: Risk-Aware Network Control under Uncertainty, (with M. Chertkov and S. Harnett), pdf. SIAM Review 56 (2014).

A note on polynomial solvability of the CDT problem (2013) pdf.

Approximation algorithms for the incremental knapsack problem via disjunctive programming pdf (with J. Sethuraman and C. Ye).

Stochastic models and control for electrical power line temperature pdf (with J. Blanchet and J. Li). Proceedings Allerton 2013.

Polynomial solvability of variants of the trust-region subproblem pdf (with A. Michalka). SODA 2014.

Cutting-planes for optimization of convex functions over nonconvex sets pdf (with A. Michalka). SIAM J. Optimization.

Synchronization-Aware and Algorithm-Efficient Chance Constrained Optimal Power Flow, (with R. Bent and M. Chertkov), pdf. Proceedings 2013 IREP Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control Symposium.

Models for managing the impact of an epidemic, pdf (with A.C. Zenteno).

Strong formulations for convex functions over nonconvex sets, pdf (with A. Michalka).

Power Grid Vulnerability to Geographically Correlated Failures - Analysis and Control Implications, pdf (with A. Bernstein, D. Hay, M. Uzunoglu and G. Zussman). To appear, Infocom '14.

Optimal control of cascading power grid failures, Proc. 2011 IEEE CDC-ECC conference. Early version. Also see: Proc. 2011 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting. Animation, here.

A new LP algorithm for precedence constrained production scheduling (with M. Zuckerberg) pdf (Proc. IPCO 2010 )

Eigenvalue techniques for proving bounds for convex objective, nonconvex programs, pdf (full version) (Proc. IPCO 2010, also accepted for EWMINLP10).

The N-k problem in power grids: new models, formulations and computation (with A. Verma) pdf (Data.) Short version published in SIAM J. Optimization 20 (2010), 2352 – 2380.

Tightening simple mixed-integer sets with guaranteed bounds (with B. McClosky) pdf (appeared online in Math Programming 12/2010, here).

Histogram models for robust portfolio optimization pdf. J. Computational Finance 11 (2007), 1-64.

Approximate formulations for 0-1 knapsack sets pdf. Operations Research Letters 36 (2008), 317–320.

Computing robust basestock levels, (with N. Ozbay) pdf. Discrete Optimization 5 (2008), 389–414.

Using mixed-integer programming to solve power grid blackout problems, (with S. Mattia) pdf , Discrete Optimization 4 (2007), 115–141.

Faster approximation for packing and covering problems, (with G. Iyengar) pdf, SIAM J. Computing 35 (2006) 825-854.

Tree-width and the Sherali-Adams operator, (with N. Ozbay) pdf Discrete Optimization 1 (2004) 13-22.

Concurrent flows in O(1/epsilon) iterations, (with G. Iyengar) pdf, Proc. 26th Ann. Symp. Theory of Computing (Chicago, 2004) 146-155.

Approximate fixed-rank closures of covering problems, (with Mark Zuckerberg) pdf. Math. Programming 105 (2006), 9 – 27.

Scalable optimization for multi-period optical network capacity expansion with elastic demand, (with O. Raskina, I. Saniee and Q. Wang) CORC Report 2002-08. Operations Research 54 (2006), 261-276.

Subset Algebra Lift Operators for 0-1 Integer Programming, (with Mark Zuckerberg) pdf. SIAM J. Optimization 15 (2004) 63-95.

Potential function methods for approximately solving linear programming problems: Theory and Practice, CORE Lecture Series, ISSN-0771 3894 (2001). Available from CORE (U. Catholique de Louvain, Belgium).

Asymptotic Analysis of the Flow Deviation Method for the Maximum Concurrent Flow Problem, (PostScript)(PDF), (with O. Raskina), CORC Report 2000-02 Math. Programming 91 (2002), 379-392.

Approximately solving large-scale linear programs. I: Strengthening lower bounds and accelerating convergence, CORC Report 1999-1.

Strong inequalities for capacitated survivable network design problems, (with G. Muratore) (1997), CORC Report 1999-3, Math. Programming 89 (2001), 127-147.

ATM network design: traffic models and optimization-based heuristics, (with I. Saniee) (1997), Telecomm. Systems 16 (2001), 399-421.

Experiments with a network design algorithm using epsilon-approximate linear programs (1996) CORC Report 1999-4.

Mininum cost capacity installation for multicommodity flows, (with O. Günlük, S. Chopra and C.Y. Tsai) Math. Programming 81 (1998), 177-199.

Capacitated network design - polyhedral structure and computation, (with O. Günlük) ORSA J. Comp. 8 (1996), 243-260.

Computational study of a family of mixed-integer quadratic programming problems, Math. Programming 74 (1996), 121-140.