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If you’re new to Ghalib and just want to check out a few verses, you could try {18,3}, about Laila and Majnun; or {62,5}, which has a rueful sense of humor; or {71,2}, a brilliant tangle of curls and thoughts; or the impossibly simple and lovely {95,6}; or, if you're a wine-drinker, {114,5}. For amusement, try {116,3}; for cold chills, {126,5}; or for metaphysical delight, {138,1}, about the sky and an ant’s egg; or {10,12}, about what holds our lives together.

If you want to look at a whole ghazal, two well-known and well-loved ones are {20} and {111}, which both come equipped with anthologies of translations. Or there’s the smashing {10}, the juicy {14}, the cleverly simple {35}, the seductive {49}, the beautifully flowing {78}, the brilliantly swingy {115}, or the quite irresistible {208}.

On a ghazal page, every verse number is a hyperlink to a special page for that verse. The script bar near the top of ghazal pages (and at the bottom of others) will give you viewing choices; for Devanagari readers, a special note.

If you know your way around in the ghazal world, here’s some analytical access, and a SITEMAP. For regular visitors: a progress report.


an index in traditional order
[alternatively: *a truly alphabetical index*]
about the *unpublished ghazals*]

*Ending in aaghazals {1} - {48}*
*Ending in bghazal {49}*
*Ending in tghazals {50} - {53}*
*Ending in jghazals {54} - {55}*
*Ending in chghazal {56}*
*Ending in dghazal {57}*
*Ending in rghazals {58} - {66}*
*Ending in zghazals {67} - {71}*
*Ending in sghazal {72}*
*Ending in shghazal {73}*
*Ending in ((ghazals {74} - {75}*
*Ending in fghazal {76}*
*Ending in kghazals {77} - {78}*
*Ending in gghazal {79}*
*Ending in lghazal {80}*
*Ending in mghazals {81} - {83}*
*Ending in nghazals {84} - {116}*
*Ending in oghazals {117} - {127}*
*Ending in hghazals {128} - {129}*
Ending in e or ii — *ghazals {130} - {180}*, *ghazals {181} - {234}*

The index above has the form of five pages that follow the traditional sequence of the muravvaj diivaan

*ghazals {1} - {48}*, ending in aa
*ghazals {49} - {83}*, ending in b through m
*ghazals {84) - {129}*, ending in n through h
*ghazals {130} - {180}*, ending in e and ii — part one
*ghazals {181} - {234}*, ending in e and ii — part two

ALPHABETICAL INDEX -- Alternatively, here's an analytical index that presents the divan ghazals in consistent alphabetical order according to radiif and qaafiyah

*ghazals {1} - {48}*, ending in aa
*ghazals {49} - {83}*, ending in b through m
*ghazals {84) - {129}*, ending in n through h
from ghazals {130} - {234} — *ghazals that end in hai *
from ghazals {130} - {234} — *ghazals that end in ii *
from ghazals {130} - {234} — *ghazals that end in e *

Unpublished verses from divan ghazals are textually available through the index page of each ghazal; click on the 'Raza 1995' link and go to the indicated page. Selected verses receive commentary, also linked through the regular ghazal index page. For details, see S. R. Faruqi’s choices.

THE UNPUBLISHED GHAZALS are textually available through the index below; for general discussion of them see {4,8x}. There is also an overview page for them. Commentary is linked to verses for which it is available.

*xx ghazals ending in aa * [numbered as 235x-273x]
*xx ghazals ending in b through m * [numbered as 274x-314x]
*xx ghazals ending in n through h * [numbered as 315x-356x]
*xx ghazals ending in hai * [numbered as 357x-402x]
*xx ghazals ending in ii * [numbered as 403x-417x]
*xx ghazals ending in e * [numbered as 418x-441x]

== General review (and enjoyment): completed. I plan now to work on Mir for a while. ==


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