Selected Preprints and Publications

  • I. W. McKeague and M. Qian (2015)
    An Adaptive Resampling Test for Detecting the Presence of Significant Predictors
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 110 1422-1433.
    JASA-T&M Special Invited Paper for 2015 (with discussion). [pdf of paper] [pdf of rejoinder]

  • I. W. McKeague and B. Levin (2015)
    Convergence of Empirical Distributions in an Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
    Annals of Applied Probability (in press) [arXiv]

  • I. W. McKeague (2015)
    Central Limit Theorems under Special Relativity
    Statistics and Probability Letters, 99, 149-155 (2015) [pdf of preprint]

  • I. W. McKeague, A. S. Brown, Y. Bao, S. Hinkka-Yli-Salomaki, J. Huttunen, Sourander, A. (2015)
    Autism with Intellectual Disability Related to Dynamics of Head Circumference Growth during Early Infancy
    Biological Psychiatry, 77, 833-840 (2015). [pdf] [supplement]

  • H. El Barmi and I. W. McKeague (2015)
    Testing for Uniform Stochastic Ordering via Empirical Likelihood.
    Annals of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (in press) [pdf]

  • I. W. McKeague and M. Qian (2014)
    Estimation of Treatment Policies based on Functional Predictors
    Statistica Sinica, 24, 1461-1485 (2014) [pdf]

  • Z. Li and I. W. McKeague (2013)
    Power and Sample Size Calculations for Generalized Estimating Equations via Local Asymptotics
    Statistica Sinica, 23, 231-250 (2013). [pdf] [supplement]

  • H. El Barmi and I. W. McKeague (2013)
    Empirical Likelihood Based Tests for Stochastic Ordering
    Bernoulli, 19, 295-307 (2013). [pdf]

  • M. A. A. Boon, J. H. J. Einmahl and I. W. McKeague (2013)
    Visualizing Multiple Quantile Plots
    Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 22, 69-78. [pdf]

  • Lopez-Pintado, S. and McKeague, I. W. (2013)
    Recovering Gradients from Sparsely Observed Functional Data
    Biometrics, 69, 396-404 (2013). [pdf] [pdf of preprint]
    R package. growthrate: Bayesian reconstruction of growth velocity (version 1.3) [on CRAN]

  • I. W. McKeague, S. Lopez-Pintado, M. Hallin and M. Siman (2011)
    Analyzing Growth Trajectories
    Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 2, 322-329 (2011) [pdf]

  • McKeague, I. W. and Sen, B. (2010)
    Fractals with Point Impact in Functional Linear Regression
    Annals of Statistics, 38, 2559-2586. [pdf]

  • Lindquist, M. A. and McKeague, I. W. (2009)
    Logistic Regression with Brownian-like Predictors
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104, 1575-1585. [pdf]

  • Herbei, R. and McKeague, I. W. (2009)
    Hybrid Samplers for Ill-posed Inverse Problems.
    Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 36, 839-853. [pdf]

  • Hjort, N. L., McKeague, I. W. and I. Van Keilegom (2009)
    Extending the Scope of Empirical Likelihood
    Annals of Statistics, 37, 1079-1111. [pdf]

  • Sun, Y, Gilbert, P. B. and I. W. McKeague (2009)
    Proportional Hazards Models with Continuous Marks
    Annals of Statistics, 37, 394-426. [pdf]

  • Herbei, R., McKeague, I. W. and Speer, K. (2008)
    Gyres and Jets: Inversion of Tracer Data for Ocean Circulation Structure.
    Journal of Physical Oceanography, 38, 1180-1202. [pdf]

  • Banerjee, M. and McKeague, I. W. (2007)
    Estimating Optimal Step-function Approximations to Instantaneous Hazard Rates
    Bernoulli, 13, 279-299. [pdf]

  • Banerjee, M. and McKeague, I. W. (2007)
    Confidence Sets for Split Points in Decision Trees
    Annals of Statistics, 35, 543-574. [pdf]

  • McKeague, I. W. and Y. Zhao (2006)
    Width-Scaled Confidence Bands for Survival Functions.
    Statistics and Probability Letters, 76, 327-339. [pdf]

  • McKeague, I. W., Nicholls, G., Speer, K. and R. Herbei (2005)
    Statistical Inversion of South Atlantic Circulation in an Abyssal Neutral Density Layer
    Journal of Marine Research, 63, 683-704. [pdf]

  • McKeague, I. W. (2005)
    A Statistical Model for Signature Verification
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 100, 231-241 (2005). [pdf]

  • Bunea, F. and McKeague, I. W. (2005)
    Covariate Selection for Semiparametric Hazard Function Regression Models.
    Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 92, 186-204. [pdf]

  • A. Antoniadis, G. Gregoire and McKeague, I. W. (2004)
    Bayesian Estimation in Single-Index Models.
    Statistica Sinica, 14, 1147-1164. [pdf]

  • Workshop on Empirical Likelihood Methods in Survival Analysis, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, May 2002.

  • McKeague, I. W. and Y. Zhao. (2002)
    Simultaneous Confidence Bands for Ratios of Survival Functions via Empirical Likelihood.
    Statistics and Probability Letters, 60, 405-415. [Postscript]

  • Talk at WNAR/IMS Meeting, University of California, Los Angeles, June 2002.
    Comparison of Treatments via Empirical Likelihood

  • Talk at Eighth Summer Workshop, New Zealand Mathematics Research Institute, Napier, January 2002.
    Illustrations of MCMC in Nonlinear Regression, Survival Analysis and Spatial Statistics

  • Talk at Harvard School of Public Health, December 2001.
    Comparison of Treatments and Competing Risks in Clinical Trials.

  • Gilbert, P. B., McKeague, I. W. and Sun, Y.
    Tests for Comparing Mark-Specific Hazards and Cumulative Incidence Functions.
    Lifetime Data Analysis, 10, 5-28 (2004). [pdf] [Abstract]

  • Einmahl, J. H. J. and McKeague, I. W.
    Empirical Likelihood based Hypothesis Testing.
    Bernoulli, 9, 267-290 (2003). [pdf]

  • Niu, X-F., McKeague, I. W. and Elsner, J. B. (2003).
    Seasonal Space-Time Models for Climate Systems.
    Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes 6, 111-133. [PostScript]

  • McKeague, I. W. and Loizeaux, M. A.
    Perfect Sampling for Point Process Cluster Modelling.
    Chapter 5 of Spatial Cluster Modelling (A. Lawson and D. Denison, eds.), Chapman and Hall (2002), pages 87-107. [PostScript]

  • Loizeaux, M. A. and McKeague, I. W.
    Perfect Sampling for Posterior Landmark Distributions with an Application to the Detection of Disease Clusters.
    IMS Lecture Notes - Monograph Series, Vol. 37, 321-331 (2001). [PostScript] [Abstract]

  • McKeague, I. W., Gilbert, P. B. and Kanki, P.
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  • Amir, C. and McKeague, I. W. (August 2000)
    Identifying a Time-dependent Covariate Effect in the Additive Risk Model.
    [PostScript] [Abstract]

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  • Greenwood, P. E., McKeague, I. W. and Wefelmeyer, W.
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    The Annals of Statistics, 26, 2128-2156 (1998). [PostScript] [Abstract]

  • Laan, M. van der, and McKeague, I. W. (1996)
    Efficient Estimation from Right-Censored Data when Failure Indicators are Missing at Random.
    The Annals of Statistics, 26, 164-182 (1998). [PostScript] [Abstract]

  • McKeague, I. W. and Subramanian, S.
    Product-Limit Estimators and Cox Regression with Missing Cause-of-Failure Information.
    Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 25, 589-601 (1998). [PostScript] [Abstract]

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  • McKeague, I. W. and Sun, Y.
    Towards an Omnibus Distribution-free Goodness-of-fit Test for the Cox Model.
    Statistica Sinica, 6, 579-588 (1996).

  • McKeague, I. W. and Utikal, K. J. (1990).
    Stochastic Calculus as a Tool in Survival Analysis: A Review. [pdf of preprint]
    Applied Mathematics and Computation, 38, 23-49 (1990).

  • McKeague, I. W.
    Asymptotic Theory for Weighted Least Squares Estimators in Aalen's Additive Risk Model. [pdf]
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  • Huffer, F. W. and McKeague, I. W. (1987).
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    Subsequently appeared in revised form as:
    Weighted Least Squares Estimation for Aalen's Additive Risk Model
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 86, 114-129 (1991).