Ward Whitt's Publications with Other Co-Authors: 1970-2017

Ahmet Korhan Aras, PhD from North Carolina State University, main advisor Yunan Liu

Mor Armony, Stern School of Business, NYU

Efstathios Avdis, Alberta School of Business, University of Alberta

Andre B. Bondi, Member of Technical Staff, Scrum Alliance

Sid Browne, Managing Director, Credit Suisse, New York City

Dr. Won Chul Cha, Samsung University Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

Hong Chen,

MoonSoo Choi, Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, IEOR DEPT, Columbia University

Edward G. Coffman, Jr., Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University

Charles (Chuck) Crow, IV, Columbia University doctoral student

Jimmie L. Davis, President, STEMflorida

Emanuel Derman, Professor and Director of the Masters of Science Program in Financial Engineering, IEOR Dept., Columbia University

Ralph Disney (1928-2014)

James Dong, doctoral student, ORIE Dept., Cornell University

Peter Donnelly, Department of Statistics, University of Oxford

Stephen G. Eick,, Thought Leader, VisTracks

Zohar Feldman, Research Engineer, IBM, Armonk: Analytics and Optimization

Anja Feldmann, Computer Science Department, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Leo Flatto, Mathematics Sciences Research Center, Bell Labs, retired

Qi Fu, Credit Suisse, Eleven Madison Avenue, New York, NY, USA

David A. Goldberg, ISyE Dept, Georgia Tech

Daniel Goroff, Vice President and Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Linda V. Green, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

Nathaniel Grier,

Varun Gupta, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business School

Shlomo Halfin, 1934-2009 (colleague at Bell Labs)

Ahmad Al Hanbali, Twente University, the Netherlands

Mor Harchol-Balter, CS Dept, Carnegie Mellon University

Beixiang He, PhD from North Carolina State University, main advisor Yunan Liu

Daniel P. Heyman, AT&T Labs, retired

Gísli Hjálmtýsson, formerly Computer Science Department, Reykjavik University, Iceland

Otis B. Jennings, Big Data Advaanced Analytics at AT&T

Wanmo Kang, Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST, Seoul, Korea

Masaaki Kijima, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University

John G. Klincewicz, Senior Technical Specialist in the Network Design and Performance Analysis Department of AT&T Labs

Peter J. Kolesar, Emeritus Professor,Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

Richard C. Larson, Operations Research Center, MIT

Andrew Li, doctoral student, OR Center, MIT

Armand Makowski, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland

Michel Mandjes, the University of Amsterdam and CWI, the Netherlands

Clement McCalla, AT&T


Tyrone McKoy, Mathematics Department, The Community College of Baltimore County, CCBC Dundalk ([email protected])

Yoni Nazarathy, Probability and Statistics Group, the University of Queensland

Ardavan Nozari, Nozari Advisors, New York City

Geraldine A. Parker, undergraduate advisee at Bell Labs

Martin I. Reiman, Bell Labs, Lucent; IEOR Dept. at Columbia University since 2016

Otmar Schlunk, Moby Games

Moshe Segal, supervisor at AT&T, retired

Perwez Shahabuddin (1962-2005), Professor in IEOR Department, Columbia University, deceased, November 17, 2005

Nahum Shimkin, Electrical Engineering Department, The Technion

Martin Shubik, Department of Economics, Yale University

Xu Sun, doctoral student, IEOR Dept., Columbia University

S. Suresh, PhD from North Carolinna State University, Bell Labs colleague.

Ponni Vel, undergraduate student, IEOR Dept., Columbia University; consultant at Oliver Wyman

Rodney B. Wallace, IBM ([email protected])

Amy R. Ward, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

Martin A. Wortman, Department of Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M

Wei You, doctoral student, IEOR Dept., Columbia University

Yao Yu, doctoral student, North Carolina State University, main advior Yunan Liu

Xiaopei Zhang, doctoral student, IEOR Dept., Columbia University

Jingtong Zhao, undergraduate, then doctoral student, IEOR Dept., Columbia University